LGBTIQ Flag Making Workshop

From: December 9, 2020 at 2:00pm to: 3:30pm

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Project: WinterFEST 2020
Location: Zoom

 Calling all amateur vexologists (those who study the symbolism and meaning of flags) this session will look at the history and symbolism of some of the most well-known pride flags, what makes a memorable flag and how we can create our own flags. Participants will learn about pride flags, before designing their own flags to represent their identities, personality, ethics or interests. We will then share these with each other and discuss why we chose our design elements.

 This session particularly responds to the current debates around the use of the rainbow flag for causes other than LGBTIQ+ liberation - with incidents such as Paul Hollywood on Bake Off describing the rainbow as ‘I think the rainbow colours for me, although it originated over in the States, I think it represents the NHS.’ - why are flags important to LGBTIQ+ people? How are they created? And why were people so upset when the rainbow flag started to mean something else?

For this session you don’t need any artistic ability or prior knowledge of flags. You can use either paper and coloured pens/pencils/highlighters/crayons, fabric and scissors (for example, old socks), MS Paint on your computer or a doodle app on your phone - anything that you can use to represent blocks of colour, shapes and stripes.

 Participants do not need to be LGBTIQ+, but we ask allies to be respectful of the space and participate as listeners, learners and sharers rather than interrogators or challengers.


- Short History of Pride Flags (10 minutes)

- What makes a good flag (5 minutes)

– Designing our own flags (30 minutes) –

 Sharing our flag designs (15 minutes)

Required Material for participants:

- Paper - Colouring pens or pencils OR - A mix of coloured fabrics (e.g. old socks) - Scissors OR - Drawing programme, such as MS Paint or a phone doodle app

Further Reading: Good Flag, Bad Flag by Ted Kaye.

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