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Community Park & Horticulture Hub

Castlehaven Community Park: A Gardening and Growing Haven!

Castlehaven Community Park is in the heart of Camden Town and the largest stretch of green space in the area. We’re supporting a growing community.

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Managing the space has its challenges: the site is quite open, and we’re a community organisation running a public park. Camden Market, one of London’s biggest tourist attractions, which is nearby, brings litter issues, while a large development takes shape opposite. We’ve also had the odd setback trying to do different things with the space, with some activities working better than others.


Castlehaven Community Park and The Horticultural Hub

Castlehaven Community Park sits at the heart of the community. We’re dedicated to providing a natural and beautiful space for families to grow, play and learn. We have a floodlit astroturf sports pitch in the middle of the main community park, which is used heavily by children and adults throughout the year! Surrounding this are green areas where people sit, relax, exercise and dog walk. We also have yearly community festivals held within our community parks for all to enjoy.

We provide engaging and educating workshops through our Horticultural Hub and encourage the local community to get fit and active with our regular gardening sessions.

The Horticultural Hub


The dereclict site of our Horticulture Hub in May 2017 and our Horticulture Hub now.

Since the Hub opened in October 2017 we’ve been engaging the local community with gardening workshops and arts & craft activities, as well as providing a much-needed green space in the middle of Camden.

We grow our own food, everything from radishes to runner beans, which is then used in Castlehaven’s cookery workshops and sold in our Friday Plant & Veg Shop.

The Hub is managed by a dedicated team of volunteers, so if you’d like to get involved, pop into the Haven or email our Environmental Engagement Coordinator, Catherine Graham.

To find out about everything happening in our Community Park & Horticulture Hub visit our calendar.

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