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Ageactivity 60+

The Ageactivity 60+ team have been extremely busy adapting the project during lockdown. The safety of members takes precedent in our decision making. You can read about the services we are providing during lockdown below.

Ageactivity 60+ During Lockdown

We have moved our extensive programme of activities online! Learn new skills and socialise with friends from the comfort of your own home. Our online class list covers a wide range of topics ranging from line dancing to chi kung. Have a look at our calendar to see what we have planned.

What's on

Members, don’t forget to look in your weekly bulletins for login details. For information on any of these sessions please email or call 0207 692 2238.

If you'd like to have a meeting about membership, please book an appointment. You can do this by emailing or calling the above number.  


Are you aged 60+ and looking for new things to do and ways to keep fit and well during these difficult times? Well, Ageactivity 60+ is for you!

For the current price of just £15 per year, you will gain access to:

A variety of zoom classes a week
Twice-weekly emails jam-packed with information and things to do
2 newsletters and information by post
Christmas card
Personal birthday card
An invite to an online birthday party
2 surveys to ensure we are listening to members

Membership also provides access to incredibly caring and knowledgeable staff. The Ageactivity 60+ team regularly check in on members over the phone and via email, especially during lockdown. We will make sure you are receiving the care and support you need to navigate these challenging times.

Why not gift a membership to someone you care about?

For more information, please email or call 0207 692 2238

Once restrictions are lifted, we will aim to resume classes in the Community Centre and local walks. We have loved talking to our members over the phone and zoom, but nothing beats regular face to face contact.

Help us secure funding for a new project

We need your help to secure future funding for a new project that we hope will help all ages, particularly older people, especially those who are affected by loneliness and isolation.

All we ask is five minutes of your time to complete this short online survey

By completing our short survey and entering your details, you will be eligible to be entered into our free prize draw. The lucky winner will receive a £50 shopping voucher of their choice. The prize draw will take place on Monday 26th April 2021, and the winner will be notified via email or telephone. Please note, you must enter your details to be entered into the prize draw. For the full T&C’s click here

Nice things from our members

"I would like to say how uplifting the support has been from Castlehaven during this dreadful year.  I had had no experience with Zoom and have found it very easy.  The 2 exercise classes I have done with you have worked well and have been essential for me in trying to keep up fitness".

"I joined Zoom Tai Chi this afternoon. It was a fantastic class and I feel so much better now. Thank you."

"Am much enjoying & benefiting from activities offered and you are my Zoom QVC (Quality Value Castlehaven). Thank you for all you do and providing lifeline services".

"I just finished the zoom Mindfulness class. It was so wonderful. I have not been feeling well for a week but this class really worked for me and helped me concentrate. I feel I recovered so much. Thank you".

"Your emails have been a ray of sunshine in our inboxes and the links to all sorts of interesting ideas and activities as well as our much-loved classes have been a lifeline in dark times. Thanks to you and your lovely colleagues, we feel part of a warm, kind, supportive community."

"I have enjoyed the zoom coffee club sessions. I “met” people I either knew by sight or didn’t know at all and feel we are now all friends and I look forward to seeing them each week".

"We enjoy and like the dancing classes because they improve our physical and mental health. They also help to improve our brain function and boost our memories. After attending the dancing classes, we feel good and happy. Besides they are a great way to meet and make more new friends. They keep us active and fit as well."

"Thank you for keeping me busy with the zoom classes over the last year. I get the information in time and all the classes go smoothly and are explained in a professional manner. I am looking forward to more this year".

"I have been doing Zoe’s craft class on Zoom and sent a photo of things we made. I did mine in Christmas fabrics so I could use them as presents. Zoe is very patient and happily repeats everything until everyone has understood".

"I find the Zoom mindfulness sessions relaxing and start my week off well".

"I do not know what I would have done without Zoom classes on the internet.  For one thing, having a class at a fixed time gives a structure to the day and even if you don't talk to anyone directly during the class, you feel like you've seen people and been involved".

"Tony Snook does an excellent job in his exercise class on Thursdays, getting around all the main muscle groups and incorporating cardio-vascular, again with clarity and cheerfulness.  I would probably not participate in his usual class as I dislike Circuit Training!  Well done on getting the balance right on Zoom."

"I have tried Tai Chi for short periods at various times over more than 20 years and I can honestly say that Shirley Ellis has been the best teacher I’ve ever had (and others have included well-regarded Chinese teachers).  She is particularly clear and upbeat in her teaching and the classes are beneficial in promoting calm and well-being as well as exercise.  I have learnt a lot more about the movements and my balance and flexibility have improved. Shirley picked up that I was having difficulty with my knee (which will soon be replaced) and gave me very good advice on how to look after it when doing Tai Chi  - very personalised care".

"Zoom is really, really, really easy to use when you have done it once or twice.  I'm sure you'd get lots of help from the lovely staff at Castlehaven. They send you a link and all you have to do is click on it.  You don't have to join anything - except for the class when you get a prompt to do so. No faffing about with long forms and passwords. The screen looks like a small tv with some controls which you soon get the hang of.  It's technology, so there are some grrrr....... moments, but I would not want to be without it, I really, really, really wouldn't.  Go on, give it a go"!

"It was great to feel part of the choir again albeit a little strange singing on my own in my kitchen"!

"A wonderful way to start the day (and week) with Alison’s voice gently taking you through the breathing techniques.  I found the classes so relaxing it was hard not to drift off to sleep"!


All staff, tutors and volunteers are enhanced DBS Checked (Criminal Bureau Record Checked) and screened before working here.

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