Red Card For Pitch Thieves - Front Page News

Red Card For Pitch Thieves - Front Page News

 Thu, October 23, 2014

During the night on Monday 20th Nov the Castlehaven Community Association's newly laid Astroturf pitch was cut up in an attempted robbery. A large area of the newly laid astro turf was sliced in to small garden sized pieces and rolled up to be carried over the 10ft fence. The thieves didn't realise that it is extremley heavy stuff, so they had to leave it all behind.

This has caused the Castlehaven Community Association and our business partners Play-Five-Aside enormous expense, due to paying for security guards and new astroturf to replace the damaged turf, plus delays in opening the pitch for players and local people to use. The amount of money this has caused is in the thousands.

As a small community charity the Castlehaven Community Association has been working very hard to raise much needed funding through it's assets, due to massive cuts to voluntary sector in Camden. The idea to redevelop our floodlit football pitch (previously tarmac) to an astroturf surface, to raise money through bookings, leagues and sporting events came via a business development manager. The money raised by this venture will help secure part of the Castlehaven Community Associations future exsistence and the valuable services it provides for local residents and the wider community.

Our new astroturf pitch will not only bring new people into the area, but also different sports such as Netball, Hockey and Two Touch Football. We have organised for Arsenal Kickz and 2TR Football to provide free football training for local Children from 7yr-19yrs three nights a week. Plus community access slots where local residents will be able to play sports for free.  It will be a positive place to be, the enjoyment of sport for the participants and also the local residents who will be able to take part and watch these sports taking place.

It is such a shame that criminals don't value the good that Castlehaven does for the local area and those who live within it. We hope that they will be caught and brought to justice for this, so they cannot commit this type of crime anywhere else.

Please read the full article by the CNJ if you hit the following link:

If you are interested in booking our new CCA Astroturf Pitch please contact Play-Five-Aside on Tel: 020 3589 6019 or check out their webpage on ,

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