Interview with garden volunteer

Interview with garden volunteer

 Mon, May 22, 2017

With Volunteers’ Week fast approaching, we thought it’d be great to interview a couple of our volunteers and ask them a few questions about volunteering here at Castlehaven. Our first interviewee is a garden volunteer who wishes to remain anonymous; she’s been volunteering at Castlehaven for a few months now and says, ‘I enjoy it very much.’

Why did you decide to volunteer at Castlehaven?

I wanted to do something useful for the community as well as protect the local environment.

What do you enjoy most about volunteering?

I enjoy all of it, especially working with other people and knowing that I’m doing something useful for the local community. By maintaining the gardens, the public can enjoy the space.

Have you developed any new skills since you started volunteering at Castlehaven?

Yes, I’ve built up lots of new practical skills, including gardening, recycling, plant maintenance, carpentry, painting, and working safely.

What has Castlehaven given back to you?

It’s given me the chance to learn new skills and put them into practice, which I’m very pleased with. And the free refreshments are a bonus!

We are very grateful for all the time this lovely volunteer dedicates to Castlehaven on a weekly basis, so a massive thanks to you. 

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