Help Us Keep Your Community Park Tidy

Help Us Keep Your Community Park Tidy

 Mon, April 06, 2020

We are a small charity, and like many others our staff and volunteers are working tirelessly from home to help the most vulnerable during this unprecedented period.

Our caretaker and a couple of local volunteers are also working extremely hard to keep your community parks clean and safe. We want to provide a healthy environment so the community can use our open spaces for their daily exercise.

However, irresponsible dog owners are refusing to, or cannot be bothered to pick up their pet’s poo. Please stop and pick it up as it isn’t safe. It can cause illness in children if it were to get in their eyes or mouth. We ask this so our caretaker and volunteers can get on with other important jobs instead of picking up this mess! It really isn’t fair on them to be doing this task when all you need is a carrier bag.

We have also seen an increase of household waste in the community park bins. These bins are not emptied by the council they are emptied by our caretaker. If you have an issue with the removal of your household waste, please contact the council directly and stop fly tipping in the community park.

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Please help us offer a multitude of age and culturally appropriate activities to residents of a highly deprived area.

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