Green Creations planting day

Green Creations planting day

 Thu, January 15, 2015

Yesterday we had a wonderful few hours,the sun came out, and we planted up the large bed where the sculptures from the Green creations project will be situated, in the spring. Its starting to look lovely out there and its already a huge transformation from the neglected space it once was!

A big welldone to the Green Creations group!


The Project

The aim of our project is to create an opportunity for people with learning disabilities to do community based gardening alongside members of Castlehaven Community Centre; and to improve the green spaces in and around the Centre. Castlehaven’s community gardener will run design workshops to create three living sculpture designs. We will use the sculptures as structures for climbing plants - some edible, some ornamental. They will provide habitats for wildlife as well as being visually attractive. The sculptures will either be made out of timber/ willow or chicken wire.

The exact location and design of the sculptures will be worked out in planning and consultation workshops as the ideas need to come from the participants and the wider beneficiary group.

As a result of participating in the project:

- People with learning disabilities will learn new skills (planting, garden design and teamwork), gain a better understanding of the natural environment and the benefits of ‘greening’ a community space; gain a sense of achievement, self-worth and pride in taking part in a project which produces something lasting for the whole community;

- Members of Castlehaven Community Association who join the project will also learn new skills and knowledge about the environmental benefits of growing different plants (flowers or fruit climbers); in addition they will develop skills in working with people with learning disabilities, some of whom may have limited verbal communication;

- Local residents, children and families will benefit from a new and exciting garden.

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