Get your kids moving

Get your kids moving

 Tue, October 31, 2017

Our sports sessions have been super popular this month, especially as children have now settled back into the school routine. As parents/guardians, we know that keeping our children fit and healthy is an important part of their development, so at Castlehaven we offer free after-school family sports activities (under 11s) on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays from 4 p.m. onwards to encourage children to get moving through an array of sports, which you too can get involved in! (Check our 'What's On Page' for more information on timings.)

Sports Coach, Kadian, delivers these interactive sessions that families absolutely love. One day the kids will be playing cricket in the sports pitch and another day they'll be learning about the health benefits of eating fruits. The diverse nature of our activities means there is something for everyone and that’s why families love coming along to them. So, why not get involved? We promise you won't regret it. Oh, and did we forget to mention that we also have a professional chef who comes in on occasion to show families how to make healthy meals and snacks at home. 

In October, the kids got to try out new sports and learned about the various health benefits of different food groups. Here's an illustration from one of our children: 

Clever, eh?

We can't wait to meet you soon! 

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Please help us offer a multitude of age and culturally appropriate activities to residents of a highly deprived area.

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