Exciting Change’s To The Castlehaven Football Pitch

Exciting Change’s To The Castlehaven Football Pitch

 Fri, September 19, 2014

We’re planning exciting changes to the concrete pitch at Castlehaven. We’re aiming to have better facilities, more sport and to help it provide a long-term future for CCA (Castlehaven Community Association).


CCA is a charity and relies on income from the council, government and donations. Money from these sources has been cut and is set to reduce further over the coming years. We need to raise more income to survive and to provide the services we do for the local community (such as very popular under 5s drop in, an award winning youth club,  volunteering opportunities, activities & classes for over 18’s and older people, plus local environmental projects). We’ve held a number of meetings and discussions with the local community over the last two or three years on how we secure our long-term future. Better use of our facilities is one way.

By putting in a new Astroturf pitch we will be able to provide more football, netball, hockey, Le Cross and other sports. There is a huge demand in the community for Astroturf pitches which this will help meet. We expect significant use of them. We want to cater for more people at CCA, and providing better pitches will mean we’ll be providing facilities for people of all ages in the community, not just those we have traditionally focused on.


As a charity and community organisation it is core to our work that there is community use for the pitch. With better facilities more people will be using it. From 6pm-10pm Monday to Thursday we expect the greatest demand and bookings throughout much of that period. This will be managed through our partner Play-5-Aside. There is likely to be football, hockey and netball leagues during those times.

At other times we will be maximizing use for all parts of the community including free slots. We are also working to have community sports days and other activities. We’re  working with the local schools to use the pitch during term time. Plus Arsenal Kicks Community Football programme and 2TR Local Touch Football Club have shown interest and will work with local children and young adults (Boys & Girls) for free during these times.

Given the big investment we are making in the new Astorturf anyone who wants to use the pitch will need to book to use it rather than just walk onto it as can happen now. We need to ensue the pitch is not vandalised and also ensure there is a fair use of it. It will be an easy process to make a book, via our website.


Over the years the pitch use has been sporadic and being a concrete pitch is not the best surface. As a community facility we believe it is better for it to be used as much as possible.

With greater use the charity will gain more income (mainly derived from the evening slots) helping pay for all the other services we provide for older and younger people and the survival of CCA in the future.

All these things will require a bit of change. Some things will be different and might not be to everyone’s liking. We are trying to accommodate everyone as much as possible including existing users of the pitch. We won't get everything right first time but if you bear with us we hope to provide a great facility for local people.


The Astoturf changes are part of plans for CCA. We have recently invested in two expensive basketball hoops to be located on either side of railway-bridge on Hawley Rd, which will be installed by week ending 26th Sept. We are also looking at putting in table tennis tables too. We’re also undertaking more exciting gardening projects through our new community gardener.

We have organised a public meeting to discuss these changes on Thursday 25th Sept 2014 from 7pm-8pm in the Castlehaven Community Centre, 21 Castlehaven Road, London NW1 8RU, please attend if you would like to find out more about these changes and share your concerns. If you’re unable to come along please don’t hesitate to pop into speak to us or email info@castlehaven.org.uk or call us on 0207 485 3386. We will be happy to answer your questions.

Thank you.

The Castlehaven Community Association.

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