Hawley Road Basketball Hoop Update

Hawley Road Basketball Hoop Update

 Thu, September 02, 2021

Over the last week, we have received an outpouring of pleas to keep the hoop (under the railway arch on Hawley road) up. We want to give local residents as well as the regular basketball hoop users the chance to express their opinions and offer their solutions.

The basketball hoop is a wonderful community asset, and hundreds of people of all ages & cultures use it each week to keep fit, increase skills and make friends. It has been a lifeline throughout the pandemic and has encouraged young people to train and get involved in other sports locally. The majority of people who use it love it and responsibly use it between 9 am - 10.30 pm. However, we are all so disappointed that a small minority of irresponsible individuals want to ruin it for everyone by continually bouncing balls, playing loud music, and shouting through the night between 11 pm - 8 am - particularly at weekends.

We have received several complaints from local residents regarding the use of the basketball hoop between unsociable hours (11 pm - 8 am), which is stopping local residents (elderly, adults & children) sleep during the night and being woken up very early in the morning, which has understandably lead to frustration, upset and anger. These local residents have also complained to Camden Council, MET Police, and MP's, to no avail.

We have asked local residents and regular hoop users to share their opinions/solutions via an online survey which we will be sharing the results of next week.

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