Castlehaven Basketball Hoop

Castlehaven Basketball Hoop

 Mon, August 23, 2021

We've received a large number of noise complaints about the use of our basketball hoop during unreasonable hours. Unfortunately, due to the severity of these complaints, we've had no choice but to agree to take this hoop down. Over the last few months, we have tried everything we can to deter the use of the basketball hoop during unsociable hours. We have put up signage and spoken to regular users to inform those who play at night not to play music and disturb local residents after midnight, to no avail. It is a shame that a small percentage of people spoil ruin it for the whole community.

We appreciate that this basketball hoop is well-loved by the community and are extremely saddened by this outcome. We are committed to providing free resources for the community to use, so we are looking into purchasing a portable free-standing basketball hoop that can be used during Castlehaven's business hours. Please bear with us whilst we find the best health & safety-compliant option. Follow us on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter for any further updates.

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