Local Selected for Antarctic Expedition to Fight Climate Change!

Local Selected for Antarctic Expedition to Fight Climate Change!

 Wed, March 31, 2021

We'd like to introduce you to Elena, who lives just down the road from Castlehaven.

Elena Priesen-Reis is a third-year UCL student who was selected from hundreds of applicants to be part of the November 2021, 2041 Climate Force Antarctic Expedition.

The international expedition team is composed of citizens of every continent, united in a common mission to benefit our planet. The world’s most dynamic Antarctic sea expedition, it is a unique 12-day educational journey by ship to ‘the Last Great Wilderness on Earth,’ led by polar explorer and sustainability champion Robert Swan - the first person in history to trek to both of Earth’s poles.

The carbon-negative expedition aims to inspire, develop, and train the next generation of leaders to promote a more sustainable future. Through lectures, shore landings, hikes, group discussions, workshops, and more, the Expedition will train inspirational participants on up-to-date climate science, sustainability, and leadership skills and equip them with the tools to create meaningful impacts in their communities, institutions, companies, and governments to benefit this planet that we all call home.

As a local resident, Elena has amazingly chosen Castlehaven as a collaborative partner to help promote her expedition locally and to inform the local community about what the 2041 Climate Force Antarctic Expedition entails. And why it is so important to know about the effect climate change is having in Antarctica.

Join us on Zoom on Thursday 15th April 2021 at 6pm to meet Elena. This will be the first of Elena's presentations via Zoom before the expedition takes place. Please email us at info@castlehaven.org.uk to get the Zoom link. When Elena returns she will share her experiences through presentations, photo's and video's taken whilst exploring Antarctica.


Having the opportunity to meet someone who is visiting Antarctica - 'The Last Great Wilderness on Earth' is very rare. So do not miss out email us today, tell your friends, family and colleagues to spread the word!  Thank you. 

If you would like to support Elena in her expedition please visit her fundraising campaign page: Click Here 

Or share her Help Elena's Antarctic Conservation Aspirations - (Antarctica Please Don't) Breakdown Music Video Click Here 

Article about Elena's Fight Against Climate Change Click Here

More Climate Force Expedition Information: Official Expedition Website

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