A Message from Ageactivity 60+ Manager Rosa Noel

A Message from Ageactivity 60+ Manager Rosa Noel

 Wed, April 01, 2020

I’m currently making my way through calling all the members and I feel extremely humbled by their resilience and positive methods of coping during this terrible time. It seems most if not all have been contacted by their friends, family and neighbors who are putting offers of help through their doors, delivering food packages and generally doing anything they can to help older people. The way communities come together in truly difficult times has been magnified massively everywhere, and it is so lovely to hear!

Alison, Phoebe and I have so far made 138 phone calls to our members. If you haven’t received a call yet don’t worry, we are swiftly working through the list.  During the calls we have signposted 8 members to relevant local organizations. These include the Irish Centre, social services, QCCA and other local authorities.

Our members are constantly in my thoughts. I can’t wait to welcome you all back to Castlehaven once this is over.

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Please help us offer a multitude of age and culturally appropriate activities to residents of a highly deprived area.

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