Basketball Hoop Survey Results

Basketball Hoop Survey Results

 Mon, September 20, 2021

Thank you to everyone who completed our recent Basketball Hoop Survey. After receiving several complaints from local residents regarding the noise caused by several individuals during unsociable hours (between 11pm - 8am), we created a survey to allow our community to have their say about the future of the hoop.

The complaints stated that these late-night individuals play loud music, shout and bounce balls into the early hours of the morning, especially at weekends, disturbing local residents' sleep. One respondent said, "Take it down, please. They have no right to keep people awake."

We have also received numerous pleas to keep the hoop up from those who use it during the day and respect local residents' sleep and pleas from local residents who do not use the hoop but enjoy watching the basketballers play and say their presence makes them feel safe. Many of the comments have mentioned that the hoop is a community asset that's changed lives and brings a large part of the community together to improve health, wellbeing and deter antisocial behaviour.

A local resident wrote, "I have been living opposite the Community Centre for over 20 years, and I have always admired how that basketball hoop has brought the community together and kept young boys off the streets. It would be a shame should this basketball hoop be removed, as I am positive that this will have a negative effect on many people's lives and on the community. That hoop is an asset to our community. For those who play ball and even those who don't." Read more of the comments here.

One hundred and seven members of the public completed our survey online and via paper copy. We also received several emails and visits from local residents and regular users of the basketball hoop to provide feedback and solutions regarding what they would like to happen to the hoop. All of which were taken into consideration in the community's final decision.

See the full results of the survey here.

The Local Communities Decision

79.4% of the 107 people who completed said they would like the basketball hoop to stay up. Therefore based on the survey results, emails, and verbal pleas, it has been decided that Castlehaven will not be removing the basketball hoop. However, Castlehaven will continue to work with the local MET Police, Camden Council departments, and local residents to tackle the antisocial nighttime noise caused by these irresponsible individuals.

If you are affected by any noise disturbance during the night, we advise that you call the MET Police on 101 to report this antisocial behaviour when it happens or contact Camden Council's Noise department.

If you are unhappy about the communities decision, please email us at, call us on 020 7485 3386, or pop in to speak to a member of staff on Mon-Fri 9am - 5.30pm


We want to thank everyone who offered solutions. There were some great suggestions such as placing a rim lock or chaining up the hoop during antisocial hours or designing a hoop that could be retractable/removable. We will investigate the safest option and potentially hold a design competition to see if any designers or engineers could help design a solution.

Other solutions were to have more regular MET Police, Camden Council Safer Neighbourhoods team, or Responsive Security Patrols (RSP) presence during the night, as Hawley Road is prolific for antisocial behaviour. Particularly at weekends due to the nighttime economy of Camden High Street. Castlehaven has a good working relationship with the local MET Police, who have said they will try their best to improve their presence if resources allow. We will continue to lobby them and Camden Council to strengthen their presence here.

We will also look into installing soundproof flooring. This will take time to design, and we will have to get permission as it is on a public highway. We will work with the appropriate Council departments to see if this is a possibility and if permitted, we will install the flooring as quickly as possible. In the meantime, we will be installing large nighttime visible warning signage next to the hoop, which we hope will deter these irresponsible individuals from playing during the night.

If you use our basketball hoop, can we please ask that you respect our local resident's well-being and only play between 8am & 10.30pm and refrain from playing music on a portable sound system?

Thank you for your time, patience, and support.

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