5 Reasons why we love being a small charity

5 Reasons why we love being a small charity

 Thu, June 23, 2022

This week is #SmallCharityWeek, celebrating small charities across the UK. As a small Camden-based charity, we wanted to share all the reasons we love being a small charity.

1. We're small but mighty!

Our size doesn't determine our impact. Just because we're a small local charity doesn't mean we don't make a significant difference. Every month we empower and provide hundreds of people with free, accessible space, activities, and opportunities, creating positive, long-lasting change and stronger communities. Our motto, "small charity, big heart" is at the forefront of everything we do.

2. We are run by the community, for the community

Being situated in the heart of Camden Town means we can focus all our efforts on our local community. We are dedicated to listening to what local people need, working together to amplify voices and empower individuals, community groups and service users to achieve their goals and reach their full potential.

3. We really get to know our community, partners & volunteers

Our team is small; therefore, we know everyone who uses our building/services. As a result, we build meaningful and long-lasting relationships by providing safe, inclusive spaces and programmes where everyone can be themselves without prejudice or judgement.

4. We can be flexible

Being small means we can quickly respond to the changing needs within our community and current issues such as food insecurity, financial difficulties, and equal access to support and opportunities. As a result, we are constantly adapting our projects, activities and services, plugging in the gaps left by others, and creating bespoke opportunities based on our community needs. For example, in 2020, we set up a Food Bank, as a reaction to the Covid-19 pandemic, and this year we launched a brand-new health and well-being project, Health Haven, supporting over 18's access free health-focused activities and learning opportunities.

5. We have stood the test of time

Castlehaven Community Association was first established in 1985 and has been a part of Camden Town for over three decades, proving that our work is essential and needed by our community. We are now the proud lessees of a four-acre community campus that delivers services to over 10,000 people annually. We are proud to create long-lasting change, opportunities and vital services that impact our community for life.

We are proud of being a small charity and are truly dedicated to building communities, providing vital services and impacting lives for years to come. If you would like to get more involved with Castlehaven and our community, find out more here.


Please help us offer a multitude of age and culturally appropriate activities to residents of a highly deprived area.

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