Projects: Castle Youth 11-19 years

Castle Youth 11-19 years

Castle Youth is a safe and secure place dedicated to young people in our community. It’s an ideal location to socialise and engage in various activities. Castle youth has a recording and dance studio where young people can express themselves creatively.

At Castle Youth, every week on Tuesday & Thursday at 4:30pm until 8:45pm, we offer arts and crafts sessions, cooking sessions and even a range of sports such as football, basketball and boxing - just to name a few. There is even a trip on the odd occasion.

On Wednesday we have Homework Club and our Bike Maintenance Project. 

At Castlehaven, we understand that it can be difficult to let your child out of sight. That is why we are more than happy for parents/carers to come down to the club and have a look around, and see what your child will be getting up to. However, you will not be able to stay as it’s a parent/carer free zone! But fear not... we are always at the other end of the phone if you would like to check in every now and then.

All young people who wish to attend Castle Youth need to complete an application form that is signed by a primary carer. This can be found on the Castle Youth website.

For more information contact us on 020 7681 8643 or email

All staff, tutors and volunteers are enhanced DBS Checked (Criminal Bureau Record Checked) and screened before working here.

Castle Youth, The Haven, 23 Castlehaven Road, London NW1 8RU

Jack Petchey Foundation
Lottery Funded
Virgin Money
John Lyon's Charity
Mayor of London