Volunteers Week 2018: Helen’s Story

Volunteers Week 2018: Helen’s Story

 Tue, June 05, 2018

This week is Volunteers' Week: a chance to say thank you for the fantastic contribution millions of volunteers make across the UK every day. Here at Castlehaven we are lucky to have a whole host of volunteers working across our different programmes and, via our Helping Hands scheme, out in the local community! This week we'll be sharing some of their stories - we hope they'll inspire you to get started on a volunteering journey of your own!

Today's volunteering superstar is Helen, one of our regular Helping Hands volunteers!  She tells us her story:

"I heard about Castlehaven through a couple I met in the community. I was going to a yoga class in the hall and an Irish couple who I had got to chatting told me about Castlehaven Community Association and encouraged me to try it out! I did, and it made a huge difference to my life.” 

From then on, Helen started to volunteer at Castlehaven because she loves being part of the community, and giving something back to the organisation that has made such a positive difference to her life. “This community has impacted my life for the better! It is very welcoming, and I love being part of a community with a lot of positivity!”

Her favourite thing about volunteering at Castlehaven is the nursery. “I enjoy working in the nursery, it’s my favourite! But I’m happy to do anything really. I just want to give something back for what Castlehaven has done for me".

Helen says that one of her proudest volunteering achievements is being part of a team that makes a difference to her local community; she says she feels welcomed every time she comes by. “They are fantastic and doing a great job with the community. They are really good people and they make me feel like I’m part of the CCA family.”

And her final piece of advice to those thinking about volunteering? "Try it! It's great and a good way to get involved!

Thank you so much for your dedication and enthusiasm, Helen! For more information on volunteering at CCA email info@castlehaven.org.uk or call us on 020 7485 3386

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